The bad news is that Irelands death notice website rip.ie where all these obits come from has just been sold to the Irish Times...the biggest gov propaganda paper in the country...no doubt there will now be a concerted effort to cover up all the unexpecteds and suddenlys in the near future.

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The change of ownership is a concern.

Our rudimentary technique for counting of notices was held up last Summer after a revamp of their website. Thankfully a more advanced spreadsheet user helped us back into action and we've managed to do monthly counts again since November - and last week we updated our charts and tables to include our count of April 2024


So yes there is a concern future changes to the site might foil us again.

The simplest (non-technical) change would be to prevent the use of terms like 'sudden' 'unexpected 'after a short illness' etc While doing so would not affect our counting (we just count names & remove duplicates) it would remove a useful barometer - which is currently being monitored by the Ireland Excess Deaths group. See the "sudden death" table on this page: https://irelandexcessdeaths.com/excessdeaths

One can only hope such changes never happen but that if they do, there would be some revolt by undertakers submitting the notices.

Of course the Irish Times Group might simply close it down. In which case maybe an entirely new obituary service (ideally from grass-roots) might launch and rise to dominance?

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These lists are getting heartbreakingly longer. Every single person on these lists was irreplaceable. When are there going to be protests at colleges about this?

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Something about the photo of that one Welsh woman, Sian Jones, is particularly haunting. May she RIP. OT, but I've just posted a simple resource, a template for an info card to pass-out, that some readers of this site could find helpful: https://pomocon.substack.com/p/my-cv-19-vax-death-research-card I do include this site on it.

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This appears to be the same as the list from last week.

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