I can't believe how many people are on this week's list for death in Canada. What the majority of deaths seem to have in common are:

Suddenly and or unexpectedly. Most of the people in this category appear to have been fit, active and very healthy. It appears to be in most age groups and both sexes.

After a brief illness. What brief illness.

After a short or brief battle with cancer.

Recently diagnosed with cancer.

But the shots are " safe and effective".

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Since when does a 31 die suddenly and unexpectedly at home?! If it was drugs, it’d be mentioned.

I’d like to see a visual of the amount of deaths that are at home. I did hear Dr. Campbell say that the majority of excess deaths in UK occurred at home. That is very telling.

And good point about the different availability of reporting. From what I’ve heard, the indigenous people got this pushed on them HARD! Oh cause the government wants to help them!!! Just like they “helped” them through the residential school system.

And we’re Supposed To Be (simply) appalled and enraged about the alleged unmarked graves...


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Not sure if i am seeing this correctly, but after scanning a few of these posts - it appears there are fewer deaths in major cities (primarily Toronto & Vancouver) than i would have expected. Considering about 1/3 of Ontarians live in the Greater Toronto Area, i would have expected the numbers to reflect that. First blush though, it seems like a lot of rural communities and smaller towns. I haven't dug deep enough to know whether i'm seeing it accurately, but it stood out to me. Are you seeing a similar dynamic?

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So many of my fellow Canadians (now deceased) share surnames with my own friends and family. So terrible.

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Thank you again for these reports of all the tragic deaths. These are the deaths which were reported. My sister passed in 2020 and there was no report in the news of her passing by her son. How many more deaths have occurred without comment? These are the beginning of times of weeping and sorrow, to be sure.

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Perfectly fit and healthy people of all ages dropping dead all over the place for no reason whatsoever.. and nary an eyelid is raised. They're certainly not covering it in the MSM. And if they do, they just speak about it as though it's a perfectly normal part of life! What hope do we really have in ever stopping this? https://johnbotica.substack.com/p/the-runaway-train-of-self-perpetuating?r=tz7cx&s=w&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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They are Killing off my boomer generation.

Most of our boomer family and friends did not get the BIOWEAPON DEATH JABS.

Obviously many did.

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