I commented earlier today on another substack - I was visiting a commercial office this week and the lady told me she had been off over Xmas to look after her little girl. She took her to hospital (I'm in Northern Italy), and all was well until a couple of days later when chaos ensued - the reason being they had brought a 12 year old in with a heart attack. I did not know what to say.😟😟

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Hi, thanks for sharing your story.

Could you pls be so gracious to let us know that by now the Italians know what's going on. If they do, what are they doing about it? Where is the outrage? If they don't, perhaps many are still burying their head in the sand, then I really dont know what to say anymore.

Lastly, surely the doctors who are certifying deaths or trying to save these lives must know this is normal. At what stage do they rise up collectively and start demonstrating against the same government knowing they are likely to be the next casualty.

This is not on.

Evil Bil Gates n Klaus Schwab may have poisoned the bodies of many, surely they couldn't have poisoned the wills and strength of the collective.

What in the world is this???

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Hmm difficult to say. A lot of Italians, (the ones I read on twitter), are outraged and very angry. A lot of medical/health staff were too, BUT they then introduced draconian rules that you HAD to have the jab to continue working. (Health/teachers/Police. And so many followed the rules. (another point to understand here, is that Italians are very much a nation of hypochondriacs). Then they introduced the Green Pass which then became the Super Green Pass. It made life unbearable for us unjabbed. Then after a year, these people have recently been allowed back to work. I have read that some of them have been treated quite badly. (teachers stuck in broom cupboards and told not to approach students etc etc).

As for the doctors - most of them are jabbed and I think some of them are bitter about this, but staying quiet. It's a country with high unemployment, bad wages etc, so if you do have a job, you really want to keep it. That might be part of the reason they don't fight back. I really don't know. I live in a small village and keep my head down.

The last 2 and a half years in Italy have been particularly bad also because EVERY single night on TV they have these trash talk shows and they bring out the same doctors/celebs /politicians etc , to ridicule, vilify and wish death on all us unjabbed. It has been truly truly awful. There has not been a break - it's non stop. (Italian TV is already pretty dire, but it sank to new levels since 2020). Consider also that many Italians over about 50 don't speak English, so access to info is limited. I know people who have had the FIFTH jab. They don't question it - and they are constantly sick. Hope this answers a few of your questions. 😊

I dream of waking up one day and hearing that it's all over - but I think it will remain a dream. Certainly in light of what the W H O are planning for us. (see James Roguski's substack).

A lot of people also don't know who Schwaab is, they don't know what W E F is, they don't know what Gates really is. I despair.

Oh and one more thing; the Italian government and Aifa (Italian Pharma Association), have just announced that it is okay to prolong the expiry date on all the jabs. Some pharmacists have expressed deep concern. Quite rightly ,they said that in the past they would never ever sell an expired drug for fear of being caught and struck off. Now it seems that it's ok to push an expired, experimental poison in the arms of everyone. (and probably badly stored too ).

They have a huge excess to get rid of and this is the answer. Switzerland on the other hand, sensibly are binning them.


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It seems like the people in all the reports a bit younger. 😔🙏

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"You have already killed my sister"

At first, I processed that as, “You’ve done enough damage via ‘vaccinations’”

Either way, makes me want to look into that Hands Off Hippocrates group.

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