Reading through this list, the young ages, the numbers - just shatters my heart. It reminds me of being in Nicaragua as a human rights activist opposing the U.S. counter-insurgency war there back in 1990. Each little village had a room in a building called a "gallery of heroes and martyrs." The walls of the room were pasted with the photos of those killed in each village by the U.S. supported Contra terror attacks. I was in tears walking through those galleries, and you'd have to have the heart of a sociopath not to be. Reading through these lists and seeing the faces of the dead brings back those memories, along with that same sense of both the sadness and the madness of it all. So many needless deaths of innocents. Given that the "pandemic response" was run out of the DOD - one can even draw a line of culpability between these two atrocities. I don't remember his name, but I recall that a Nicaraguan bishop in that era made the observation that given all the U.S. military was "learning" while carrying out the horrors of those U.S. counter-insurgency operations across Latin America - that he predicted the U.S. government would one day turn their machine of death and repression against the American people and he predicted that - "someday the American people will be the most oppressed people on earth." Those words echo through time for me.

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This is just insane....

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NEVER in the history of mankind has injecting poisons into your body given you better health.Quite the opposite. They’ve ALL maimed and killed. Read and learn the history of this barbaric act:

-The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations https://a.co/d/cfvx9Q6 https://rumble.com/v1wxx5q-nephrologist-dr-suzanne-humphries-vaccines-have-never-been-safe.html

-Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History https://a.co/d/coVuit4

- George William Winterburn, PhD, MD, The Value of Vaccination: A Non-partisan Review of Its History and Results, 1886 https://archive.org/details/64940640R.nlm.nih.gov

- History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar R. Crookshank, 1889 https://archive.org/details/historypathology02crooiala

- Charles Creighton, Jenner and Vaccination. A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1889 https://archive.org/details/b21357067

There are many others, they’re just a few.Finding the truth isn’t that hard.But you do have to get off your butt and turn off the tube and read.

We’ve known for well over 150 years the concept of vaccination is a fraud concept.And the criminals that pose as our elected officials are in on the take and are raking in millions, and will NEVER stop the madness that is called vaccination.And neither will doctors who are being PAID handsomely for jabbing and lying to their trusting patients.If you’ve been jabbed then your death will be influenced by and/or directly caused by said jab.People should quit thinking it’s coincidence. That’s propaganda talk.And yet the populace of today (being dumbed down by design) have their heads buried in the sand and believe the corrupt media’s story of blaming these deaths on everything else under the sun except the obvious. What a pity.

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2-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After Receiving Both the COVID Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine

Parents charged with homicide.

(should say)

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I just read that Colorado had 745 traffic deaths last year, the highest since 1981.

Just a weird coincidence, I'm sure.

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Looks like a concentration of deaths this week in NY, CT and VA. Would be interesting to have a map each week with the locations of the deaths but you certainly don't need anymore work Mark. Thank you for what you do!

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Jay Briscoe "died in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware, on January 17, 2023, eight days before his 39th birthday. Another driver crossed the centerline and hit Pugh's vehicle head on". Looks like Jay is a victim of yet another vaxxident.


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Very few are reading this news blog. For many, it is too late...they have the toxins in their bodies and can only worry.

Instead of nice words after the person is dead, take action to counteract the toxicity of the Covid jabs. Covid does not kill that many and definitely does not cause sudden deaths. The jabs do.

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Death rate in NY must be up at least 20-30%.

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Cancer, dying during the sleep, sudden death during awake hours, etc. All are too young, too early, unexpected.

I am age 73, unvaxxed. No cancer, cardiovascular or any aging disease。 I have not been seriously ill for 25 years. At most, a mild flu without fever or sore throat. Never saw a doctor for 25 years.

Urine Therapy is simply amazing....just rubbing on the body and putting a bit into the mouth. Just a 5-minute ritual each morning. No health supplements. Normal diet, normal life.

For those who are suffering, who are worried after the jabs, trying Urine Therapy.

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Jan 27, 2023·edited Jan 27, 2023

Once again, the upstate region of New York seems to be over represented. I went to college in that area and I can tell you it is not heavily populated. Yet it seems like 10% of MCM’s recent “died suddenly” recaps are in that area.

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This is tragic, and in Australia they are blaming the pandemic for soaring rise in heart disease in 2022:


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I see 3 from Iowa (my home state). What’s your process for finding and selecting - do you have a list of regular sites you visit or do you just search the whole interwebs for keywords?

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