These are so sad. Not sure if they all correlate to the jab, but hard to imagine this many young people dying suddenly. Unsure if this has happened historically. They likely wouldn't have had ill effects from getting Covid.

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I expect the cardiac arrests and 'serious issues' will hit 1000 some time next week.

Apparently it's a 'conspiracy theory'. I sent this link to my MP last week, when commenting about the Online Safety Bill (our version of the Ministry of Truth - sorry, Disinformation Governance Board - they're not even embarrassed about the Orwellian names). I gave him a lot of other statistics as well, plus links to two scientific papers, one demonstrating vaxx-induced immune deficiency and the other demonstrating endothelial inflammation and acute coronary risks, from the Pfizer vaxx. I asked him if the legislation would mean that scientists, doctors and the public would be censored (or worse) for sharing peer-reviewed scientific papers. I got no answer (after the first templated mass response about online child abuse, 'Russian disinformation' and 'covid misinformation'.

So I'm 'theorising' that he's part of the conspiracy.

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It is strange that so many healthy young people are dying. The MSM is trying to normalize kids having heart attacks and strokes. Also, so many athletes have died. The figures below are thru 2004. I would like to see yearly deaths in athletes for 2015 thru 2021.

(From 1966-2004 there were 1101 deaths)

Sudden cardiac death in athletes: the Lausanne Recommendations - PubMed


This is interesting:

More athletes

Airtable - 2021-2022 Epidemic of heart issues in athletes - Chronological order


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Let me reiterate. I believe they are from the jabs but haven't done enough research into the issue. It's taken down a lot of professional soccer/football players seemingly, who otherwise, are quite healthy individuals. It's a shame that some of these soccer players were publicly advocating for people to get the shots, using their fame in ill-begotten ways.

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A friend of ours, recovering from cancer and appearing to do well, suffered a sudden heart attack and died a few days ago.

I know that the family were all fully jabbed, but there certainly are a lot of "coincidences" around at the moment.

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For a nation of just 5 million, Ireland sure has a lot of sudden deaths.

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I wish I had another red pilled human to talk with person to person. Everyone who is physically around me is both jabbed (I know, get away, but I live here) and they do not believe the deaths, will not look at the numbers. It is making me crazy to not be believed; I think Max Egan is right, their minds seem unable to grasp it as if the idea itself is unfathomable to them. I am losing hope they will ever come round, maybe they simply cannot.

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