It's just so very very sad. A lot of people in Italy were mandated - anyone working in schools, health system ,(not just doctors but ANYONE who worked in health, admin included 😔), police forces - if you didn't take the shot you were suspended without pay and for many, they just couldn't afford to refuse it. Now we see the tragic consequences day after day. I read somewhere the other day that someone in the Police is asking for an enquiry into the high amount of sudden death in the forces.

Also you couldn't take part in ANY sport without the shot. I think Italy, really was one of the worst places during the plandemic.

I remember another story of a young girl, her 'green pass' expired whilst on a long train journey at night. They made her get off the train, it was very late, (and unsafe too), and they just left her there. So many stories that left a bitter taste in your mouth - just disgusting behaviour from fellow human beings.


(The 'then' health minister, is being investigated by Rome Prosecutors, but I'm sure it will end up being swept under the nearest rug. His name - Roberto Speranza - translates as Robert (Bob) Hope - well the original Bob Hope was comedian and this one is certainly a huge bloody joke ! 🤬

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Not sure why but several of this week’s postings I’m unable to scroll up and view.

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