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Some days I don't think I can do this......but I thank you Mark for doing the heavy lifting.

We haven't had a propaganda box (television) for 27 years....

And I can NOT believe I used to actually read that revolting little pygmy Reich. That I wasted one brain cell on such a creature.

Been with Bobby for years.......

A Tale of Environmentalism

I spent a great deal of my life fighting, writing, speaking and organizing for environmental issues. 2020 came along and suddenly the environment was "winning". Small and then larger successes, and I thought, "Oh my God, wow, finally, but what's going on here?" I'd fought to save old growth trees, wild places, waterways and coastlines from rampant development for decades and pretty much never won once. I was suspicious. After all, the whole world supposedly was in lock down, kinda weird, but maybe this was a start at stopping massive corporate driven development and pollution? Then came 2021 and the brutal nightmare push to inject all of humanity and every captive animal on the planet with a one size fits all mystery juice and my worst fears of an all encompassing eugenics program in full swing came into sharp focus. After all, I had always been looked at askance because I worked as an environmentalist and had four sons, while my academic colleagues had gotten vasectomies and hysterectomies in their 20s so as not to "add" to what the eugenics programs had brainwashed them to think was the "problem."

The freaks running the global show were going to save the environment all right, while murdering every human and every captive animal in their path. You know what words I hate? "Stay safe".

Fuck that. Stay fertile. And stay wild.


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As a young man in the early 70’s I was taken in by global cooling and the coming ice age. I bought some extra blankets, a few extra jumpers and a thick lumber jacket. I still have the jacket.

In the mid 80’s it was ozone depletion and we had to get rid of our yellow halon fire extinguishers at my workplace.

We bought extra sunscreen because of skin cancer scares.

Just to keep us on our toes, they changed the narrative to global warming by fudging old weather stats and that’s when I fully realised these climate scientists are absolutely full of shite.

Might pay people to look up every now and again and have a good look at those plane contrails that linger and spread all day.

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Bobby Kennedy is/was one of the Dozen Misinformation Super Spreaders who HAD to be censored.

Censorship is my big posting thrust these days. I just posted an article listing all the things I am still "permitted" to say ... and all the things I am not permitted to say. It's not about the Soup Nazi, it's about the Speech Nazis.


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Someone actually procreated with Schwab. That is disturbing.

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I am beginning to wonder, and strongly suspect that much of this climate irregularity, no matter where it be, is more a matter of climate manipulation, instead of the natural result of pollution by the "useless eaters". Yes, we do consume and pollute irresponsibly but what about the geoengineering and climate manipulations of HAARP? What about the stratospheric seeding with aluminum and other microparticles by the likes of Gates and companions? I am strongly convinced that they are the ones causing the climate upheavals, the dry spells/torrential rains, hurricanes, forest fires, acid rain and all such problems, while getting their collaborators in governments to proclaim that it is the cow farts that are the cause. They are doing everything to convince the "uninvolved" that we have an existential problem with climate change, while they are promoting a true existential problem with transhumanism. And people on a perpetual brain fart are buying it, willing to give up meat, eggs, gasoline.......and all other items of freedom. Welcome in the coming, perpetual slavery.

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Six U.S. States have laws allowing Citizen Grand Juries to be formed by groups of citizens: Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

No doubt there are many Frankenshot victims in those states. Murder charges should be brought by Citizen Grand Juries in those states. Even if the ultimate verdict is innocent, the discovery process will uncover essential truth. Also many such cases should be brought, one for each murder. The only way to stop the tyranny is to start at the local level. The Federal government is hopelessly or nearly hopelessly corrupt.

Petitions to impanel grand juries


"Essentially, grand juries and citizen-initiated grand juries are the same- except for one major difference: the manner by which the grand jury is summoned. A grand jury is typically summoned at a prosecutor's request, while

a citizen-initiated grand jury is summoned at a citizen's request through a petition to the court. Only six states allow citizens to petition for a grand jury: Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oklahoma. Each of these states provide for citizens to petition either by statute or the state's constitution."



Citizen-initiated grand juries have the potential to be of great service to the people of Kansas. The citizen-initiated grand jury allows ordinary citizens to hold public officials responsible for their actions. When prosecutors fail to investigate officials for alleged criminal activity, the citizen-initiated grand jury is a unique tool that could be utilized by Kansans to keep these officials in check."




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You can know a candidate is trustworthy, sincere and honest by how hated they are by the Machine.

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Yes, I saw those! My daughter is a firefighter out west and is finally waking up to the fact that these are not natural. Yet, I imagine questioning this would not end well for her, she definitely does not take after her mother, the rebel. I too saw photos of homes completely destroyed, yet the trees were unharmed. And they think we would not notice this, lol 😆.

I wear my “conspiracy theorist badge” with pride these days.

Thank you for all you do, I love your posts, it’s so refreshing to read the truth these days.

My motto is trust nothing, verify and question everything, and have a first aid kit available, lol 😂.

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"Climate change is real and having a huge impact on Canadians right now with forest fires burning across the country," tweeted Catherine McKenna. 😲💩

Fucking bullshit. This is arson. Where were the lightning strikes to start these conflagrations, just for a start?

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Yes! That is the spirit! Now we need to start at a grassroots level, with like mined individuals, and get started! Things may start out small, but don’t be discouraged, if it is good it will spread like wildfire. We need to start in our communities, for instance our schools and springboard from there. Next look into our voting precincts and methods, Demand paper ballots, demand one day voting, demand tally at the end of Election Day, demand voter id. You get the gist of it. The People today are fed up, it’s time to let the powers that be we’ve had ENOUGH! And we’re not asking anymore!

Regardless of how busy we all are if we would just take a small amount of time in this the rewards will be spectacular! Our Freedom is definitely worth fighting for. And most importantly, make sure God is at the forefront! For without Him, we can do nothing.

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The REAL Bobby Kennedy II

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.: the good, the bad, the ugly and the horrible.

Friend or foe, you need to know. He is the best democrat candidate. Also, why anti-depressants cause suicide and that addiction (alcohol, drugs, cheating) can be cured, physically and spiritually, before it destroys you and everyone around you.

It’s important that you read this article if you are:

• A non-voter (a migrant, a foreigner) share this to US voters and to other countries: the whole world is facing the same battle against the global coup and can learn from this article, especially since “what happens in America doesn’t stay in America” but spreads all over the world.

• A skeptic, please vote anyone against the totalitarian digi-tatorship being built to murder all of us.

• A Democrat fan, who will never vote Republican, support Bobby: he is your only choice. Yet listen to the Republican candidates: some have good ideas that you can ask Bobby to apply.

• A Republican fan, who will never vote Democrat, please share this to convince your Dem-friends to vote Bobby and the non-partisan voter to pick-up the good ideas Bobby is promoting, and demand them to Republican candidates. If Biden (or should we say, Kamala) succeeds, he will continue his policies: “the enemy (Bobby) of my enemy (Biden/Kamala) is my friend”. If Bobby succeeds, a Presidential debate with Bobby will push the Republican candidate towards higher medical freedom and the other non-partisan good ideas.

If you don’t have an open primary, please change your party affiliation to Democrat so you can vote for Bobby in the PRIMARY and then change it back later in the same link:


In sum, whether you are capable of understanding how crucial this election is or not, please share this!

Support Bobby here: kennedy24.com

The site has a tool for spreading the word and getting a personalized link:


Why? so you check who you've recruited and know with whom to have an easier deeper conversation, especially, to wake more people up about all vaccines having been weaponized and global digi-tatorship being prepared:


This piece is not intended to destroy Bobby but to help him grow and improve his political program. No matter our opinion, we are all indebted to him though his wonderful job at Children’s Health Defense. Because of that, even knowing that he was a staunch Democrat, Trump was going to name him in charge of a Vaccine evaluation commission in 2020 (unfortunately, Trump trumped Trump, he backed down). Anyway, the odds are against Bobby being let by the DNC to compete with Biden ... unless there’s an uproar from the Democrat bases.

This article is a work in progress and so is Bobby. Some see him as a glass half full, others, half empty. What if we could help to fill it up to the top? Cut the diamond in the rough? Many changes could happen in the next months!

Follow the evolution of his ideas on Twitter, he might surprise you:


The Good

Hero Aaron Kheriaty MD, who is a Heritage Foundation conservative, wrote “I am grateful that my friend Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced that he is running for President as a democrat. I am quite confident that he would embrace with many of my policy proposals1 for reforming our public health agencies within HHS, including the CDC, NIH, and FDA. Regardless of what happens in the election, I am pleased that RFK Jr. will bring these issues into the democrat primary debates, which otherwise would have ignored them entirely.”

The following twit alone, could lead the DNC to cancel either Bobby or the Democrat primaries, or that he’ll be assassinated by the CIA, just like his relatives (JFK, RFK, JFK2):

“Not retribution, but justice! As President, I will direct my attorney general to investigate and prosecute every person who knowingly defrauded or deceived the American public about the safety and efficacy of medical products and I will obtain justice and compensation for every American who was injured or suffered the death of family members from those actions. As a presidential candidate, I'll continue to expose corruption to obtain justice for the injured.” 2

In favor of Bobby:

1. Founded Children’s Health Defense. He's interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts and she appears regularly on CHD Defenders in a podcast called Financial Rebellion.

2. Is against the injuring vaccines (like the ones causing his kids’ allergies), Big Pharmafia and compulsory vaccination.

3. Is in favor of “a diverse ecology of currencies”3 and against the cashban IDgi-dollar, yet only “until we restore trust in Government (a distant prospect)”.4

4. Is against the WHO pandemic response and treaty.

5. Is against agency capture by Big Corp and by the military industrial complex: “Between Oct. 2021 and Sep. 2022, the U.S. spent $877 billion on the military, more than the next 10 countries combined. These huge military expenditures, along with the rising costs of a for-profit healthcare system, have driven the U.S. national debt to over $31 trillion, nearly $5 trillion more than US GDP.” 5

6. Is against Bank bailouts.6

7. Is against the WEF through Children’s Health Defense “The Great Freeset”.7

8. Is against geoengineering. 8

9. Isn’t a climate Nazi. ChildrensHealthDefense.org was against measures which disrupt the food supply and cause hunger, like the fertilizer ban in the Netherlands. 9

Caveat: unfortunately, he seems to follow the carbon 2030 agenda and the Paris agreement.

10. Is against the USA war against Russia in Ukraine.10 Pledges to close 800 US Bases and bring back troops.11

11. Is against open borders to criminals, currently without any control, and wants to shut it. 12

12. Says he’ll fight for the middle and working class, especially against inflation and oligopolies: “What we have in this country now is not free market capitalism—it’s corporate crony capitalism. It’s … a cushy kind of socialism for the rich and a brutal, barbaric, merciless capitalism for the poor.” 13

13. He’ll fight for free-speech and pardon Julian Assange (something Trump didn’t do) 14

14. Really cares about water pollution (masons poison us through tab water)

15. He’ll probably offer Robert Malone (campaign backer, vx convert), Ed Dowd (campaign treasurer, Blackrock convert) and Steve Kirsch (PAC leader, vx convert) a high position in his administration. 15

The most important issue is the WHO Pandemic treaty, which could override even the President, Governors, laws, and fiat currency: RFK’s Children’s Health Defense is leading a campaign against the WHO demanding a Health Freedom Bill of Rights16, including the right to:

1. No medical mandates, including medications or biologics.

2. No discrimination based on medical or healthcare decisions.

3. Informed consent without coercion.

4. Individualized medical care.

5. Exclude third parties from our medical care.

6. Receive medical care regardless of vaccination status.

7. A medical advocate of our choice.

8. Free movement/travel regardless of vaccination status.

9. Forego quarantine without due process.

As if that weren’t enough good news: “We will roll back the secrecy and make government transparent. We will protect whistleblowers and prosecute officials who abuse the public trust. We will rein in the lobbyists and slam shut the revolving door that shunts people from government agencies to lucrative positions in the companies they were supposed to regulate, and back again. We will get money out of politics. We will open our institutions to real citizen involvement.”17

He respects the right to guns for self defense:

It’s not clear if he wants regulation on assault weapons. A non-technical fuzzy definition of assault weapons means a complete ban on weapons. He seems not aware that guns could be the last resort of resistance to the digi-tatorship, when they come to vax you, kill your hens for fake PCR avian flu, kill your cows for gasing CO2, or just close your homestead. 20

Reader’s comment: “Trump pushed and decreed gun control. Right after a school shooting, at the peak of hysteria, Trump betrayed us, held a gun control summit in the White House, sucked up to Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and the other gun grabbers, urged them to put all kinds of crap in a bill that he would sign including raising gun buyer age to 21 and "due process later" Red Flag confiscation, dismissed pro-gun suggestions, bragged about how he would "stand up to the NRA and get it done", then banned bump stocks and pistol braces by executive order.” 21

Another good thing is that he is an outsider, still not corrupted and co-opted by the system, rigged to groom and select the most corrupt. That’s why Zuckerberg (Facebook’s Meta), took in May 2023 his campaign account down on Instagram for at least 6 months: no reason given.

Resources to get to know more about the good about him:





The bad: will publish soon in my subs

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


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Lots of news here in Canada. Check out this video of a Mississauga bus plowing into traffic. Mississauga transit workers workers were forced to take the vax. https://www.cp24.com/news/dashcam-video-captures-miway-bus-plowing-into-stopped-traffic-in-deadly-mississauga-crash-1.6432594

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Excellent compilation, Mark . . . thank you. What a relief it is that RFK,Jr. is actually visiting the Mexican border, talking with Dane Wigington, and daring to revisit his own past views on climate change. Let's hope he'll now connect with Michael Yon about visiting the Darien Gap to see the full extent of the migrant invasion (https://substack.com/@michaelyon/note/c-17006306?).

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I just hooted out loud at this one: "Mr. Kennedy, a long-shot Democratic presidential candidate with surprisingly high polling numbers"

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I so appreciate that you now see that Climate Change policies need to be held to the same critique/skepticism as any other policy. Peter Boghessian recently interviewed Jacqueline Keeler on the problem of 'pretendians.' As the excerpt explains, "There is an epidemic of primarily white people—and white women in particular—who are pretending to be Native Americans for professional gain. Dubbed “Pretendians,” these individuals are predominantly active in academia and hold tenured faculty positions or even department chairs". https://youtu.be/9w8QQxrtzKs. Jacqueline references how states can define their own tribes. Recent California announcements on climate change called for allowing indigenous groups to guide environmental policies like water. (I kid you not I did a survey on whether I agreed with this.) It boggled my mind. The population of California before the Spaniards was thought to be about 300k for the area. We now have 39 million. A dam will be taken out based on recommendations - water farmers desperately need to feed people- but apparently not the Resnicks who own Fiji water and almond fields with water rights. None of it made sense until I listened to the interview. I might be completely wrong, but my suspicion is that under the guise of Native stewardship, we will be expected to swallow climate change policies. Under political correctness, no one wants to be in the camp that possibly criticizes native people. I also attended a symposium introducing climate capture using the ocean. (What could go wrong?) At the same symposium, the local gas company was giddy about using natural gas pipelines for carbon capture. I told my friend I felt like I was in a den of thieves.

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Weather weapons.

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