How funny that Chris Bray just wrote a similar story and I'll make the same observation here that I did there:

The definition of "anti-vaxxer" includes people who are against government mandates. How many people are still IN FAVOR of mandates at this point? Ergo, the "anti-vaxxers" outnumber jab enthusiasts by A LOT.

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I loved the father and I love the son. History has a long arc. They say it bends toward truth and justice. I'm enough of a sucker to want to believe that.

His speech was powerful. Parts of it made me angry. Parts of it bewildered me. Parts almost made me cry, but I haven't any tears left. Parts of if made me afraid. I thought to myself, "They're going to have to kill this guy, too."

I feel like a battered, bloodied fighter, pulling himself up to his feet by sheer force of will, legs of rubber, arms of lead, trying to summon up the fire to throw punches his hands can no longer feel, staggering forward for one last, last round against the hometown giant, with the hometown ref and the hometown judges, where the only chance of victory is a miracle knock-out.

But he gets up off that stool.

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You Are Never Going To Believe


My Car Got Covid.

I Think It Got Into The Air Filter.

Luckily, I Had Added

A Petroleum Based MRNA Product

To The Gas Tank,

Or It Might Have Died.

-That's What My Mechanic Said.

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“The Democrats are trying to HELP people...”. If they help me any more I’ll be destitute.

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The definitive article disproving a link between MMR vaccines and autism was written by Dr William Thompson of CDC in 2004. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1586/14760584.3.1.19 Thompson subsequently became a whistleblower, who told Dr Brian Hooker, in a series of phone calls, that he (Thompson) had been instructed by his CDC boss to omit from the article many cases of autism that would have made a strong statistical case for a link. These conversations were recorded and published, with Thompson's permission, in a book called VACCINE WHISTLEBLOWER.https://www.amazon.com/Vaccine-Whistleblower-Exposing-Autism-Research/dp/1510727302/

To this day, most Americans believe that the link between vaccination and autism has been "rebuked", but in fact the evidence is strong, and strongly suppressed.

The movie VAXXED tells this story from the perspective of Andrew Wakefield who first reported that his juvenile patients were having digestive issues, then lapsing into autism after vaccination. Wakefield payed for his honesty by seeing his peer-reviewed article deleted and his medical license revoked. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5562652/

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Good article! These journalists appear to be utterly mendacious instead of merely being stupid.

""... He frames his criticisms as being about safety..."

Occam's razor would suggest that instead of running around 'framing' things for no reason whatsoever, he might actually be concerned about safety.

"...he did raise concerns about chronic illnesses, autism, quote, 'poisoning our children.'"

The scoundrel! We can't have people asking why Americans have such high rates of diabetes, obesity, mental health problems, and autism. As an immigrant I can tell you flat out that Americans are a train wreck in terms of health. For an advanced country to have growing problems with those conditions is astonishing, particularly when control groups like the Amish are available for study.

"The Kennedys’ belief in economic growth... enabling full and comfortable lives for all who work"

Notice how all of those progressives who used to care about the working class have absolutely nothing to say about the economic consequences of these insane lockdowns? We all saw the studies stating that most working class Americans can't summon up $500 in an emergency. All that went out the window pretty quickly, did it not?

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I watched the 1 hr. 50 min. speech by RFK JR. I was not so concerned with what he did say. It was mostly a documentary about the history of his family. It is what he didn't talk about that bothered me. In almost 2 hrs. he never mentioned the issues most on American minds today. Digital currency, government created food shortages, the WHO's takeover of our country's sovereignty with the amendments to the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty, climate change (he has strongly supported this lie for years), inflation, abortion, the woke agenda, 1A and 2A of our Constitution. When you go to his website his PRIORITIES are lacking to say the least but his Environment priority is full of UN Agenda 21/Wildlands Project/Global Biodiversity Assessment buzz words that unless you are aware of these project you would fall for the warm and fuzzy but VERY dangerous to our freedom words. I have researched thee 3 agendas for 20 years and major red flags are in his Environment priority list. Kennedy is not what most conservatives are drooling about. A good humanitarian maybe but not going to be could for our country at this time in history.

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Mark, I think this is brilliant. You write from the heart and so well. And the attacks in the comments are fascinating. Are folks so insistent on negativity that they can't handle a brave, unity platform? Or are you over target sufficiently that the trolls are coming? Both?

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Kennedy’s in a tough spot. He has to be strategic in what he says and leaves unsaid, I imagine.

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Great way to show the absurdity of this Kafkaesque media.

It really is a crazy time and it's becoming so obvious that normal people are realizing it's rigged, that's a good thing... they're scared of the truth!

Just a few years ago, it was verboten to speak of the danger of the things, you know, the thing! It was ignored as crazy or kooky and that worked at the time.

But now?

I don't think so. That's why the wef had a big thing on the loss of trust... And their solutions to regain trust sound like the same crap the media follows.

They forgot that circumstances change.

That makes the programming that worked well before less effective, if not impotent.


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The fact that any of "YOU" think this whole "election psy-op " is anything but is astonishing!!!

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Professor Miller, you wrote a very interesting article.

It is very disappointing, and disturbing, however, to see what the comment section devolved into following your post. I expected that there would be some thoughtful discourse about Kennedy's speech and about the Press. Regardless of what commenters think and feel about Kennedy, isn't some decorum called for?

I attended the speech in Boston and was fortunate to be in the credentialed room.

I purposely studied the press section in the back. Stoic, all. Maybe they were just being objective. ? In any case, I would say that 80% were under the age of 40. I realized that they did not have the personal experience, as I did, of having lived during the Kennedy administration and then the assassinations. I wondered what their perspective's were. I actually would have liked to interview THEM.

Ironically, I was interviewed by both CNN and by Beth Germano. I am assuming neither piece ran because I have a large network here in Boston and no one called to say they'd seen me. Perhaps I was too supportive.

No matter. It was an exciting day. I was delighted to meet so many folk from Children's Health Defense who I have been listening to every single day for 3 years.

Had I seen you, Professor Miller, I would have introduced myself, and thanked you.

I don't know how you and others do it - read the NYT and other msm. I don't have the physical, emotional or spiritual tolerance anymore.

I am a fully disillusioned citizen (as Atty. Dan Sheehan would say), and I expect I might be disappointed here and there in the next 18 months, but I am thrilled that we have a voice now. And I think it is going to get louder. I just watched the 3 hour round table discussion at Dartmouth College, April 26, available online and at CHD, with Kennedy speaking at the end. It encapsulates the past 3 years in an honest, open, heart-wrenching way. I really do think we might be seeing the opening of the curtains.

( I will be nitpicky, but just for the record - Kennedy actually did say "vaccine" one time in his candidacy speech. I noted it because it was just the one time. )

Thank you.

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What a magnificent piece. It left me gasping for air. They take your breath away, these people.

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This review is a masterpiece of the genre.

Thank you keeping honest reporting alive.

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Great piece Mark, one of your best. In some ways, from the topics and people mentioned, it was like old home week.

Allard Lowenstein, Paul Wellstone, J. Parnell Thomas, George Sokolsky.

I always believed they took out Lowenstein and Wellstone. Al Franken the pompous little shit took Wellstone's seat.

Re McCarthyism, in the Warren Beatty movie "Reds", Maureen Stapleton played Emma Goldman, who tells Beatty's character John Reed that she realized Stalin was evil and all their friends, intellectuals, Jews, etc. were being rounded up and sent to Gulags. Their naive dream version of Communism was dead.

The people who considered themselves commies and socialists in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, some were probably double agents, but most were reacting to the Depression, World Wars, unsafe working conditions and crap wages, and were looking for a way to better their fellow man.

Pete Seeger himself said if he had to defend his family he would take up arms, he was a humanitarian not a pacifist, and I think the people who "fellow travelled" came to realize they were duped. If you believe the cabal/deep state/freemasons etc. are really behind all the division and horror and suffering, then it's easy to understand how every good idea and cause has become co-opted and perverted. Like unions for example.

Dan Rather wow shouldn't he be in a home for CIA rat journalists?

He was in Dallas working for a newspaper when Pres Kennedy was murdered and gee just by chance CBS had him on air on the ground being interviewed by Uncle Walter Cronkite, another POS. And the next thing you know, Rather is at Black Rock at CBS in Manhattan as Cronkite's shiny new understudy. Year in and year out Rather would bring out his special on the assassination "proving time and again that Oswald acted alone" it was enough to make you puke. Rather should be hung up by his balls in GITMO and even that punishment isn't enough imo.

In 1968 the Dem Party was coming apart there was so much in-fighting. You had Be Clean For Gene McCarthy who was attracting the hippies if they weren't stoned all the time. LBJ quit and left Hubert Humphrey to clean up his mess. Humphrey was of course so lame with his dyed hair and uninspiring speeches. It was around then that Kissinger saw his chance and made a deal with Nixon and became a Republican. Before then he was friends with Eleanor Roosevelt when he was at Harvard, she created the Politics Dept at my alma mater Brandeis U., and there are photos of the two of them holding outdoor seminars on lawns under trees at Brandeis quite often. Kissinger imo only has allegiance to himself.

When RFK announced the McCarthy people were incensed and that was another rift.

Then of course there was the Chicago Dem Convention during which CT Sen Abe Ribicoff stood up and told Mayor Daley off--you're killing our children--as Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies and others who should at least have worn helmets were being beaten senseless by Daley's "pigs". I think Rather got roughed up on the Convention floor lol.

IMO having anymore elections and pretending there are 2 parties is a cruel joke.

I appreciate that RFK Jr may wake some more folks up, and that's really nice and everything, but if the system isn't corrected and the Dominion machines etc aren't stopped and destroyed, what is the use?

BTW Dershowitz has since changed his mind about the treatment of the unjabbed. What a guy.

I met him once at the bookstore at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan, Richard Dreyfuss was giving a lecture in the auditorium about his relative Captain Dreyfus of France who was sent to Devils Island mainly for being Jewish. We knew some people in common so I went up to him very politely and introduced myself and he couldn't have been nastier to me, it was quite a shock. I lived in LA for a while and was in the entertainment industry and met lots of movie stars etc. and they were all super nice.

I was quite taken aback by some of the nastier comments here, really uncalled for imo.

RFK Jr is apparently up for being the recipient of all kinds of abuse, from within his own family, and the Dem Party, as well as the MSM.

Maybe he's nostalgic for the good ol' days when his dad worked for HUAC on the Hill or when it was "Camelot", or when as Attorney General his dad went after the mob, good times. And no one ever fired J. Edgar Hoover, who loved to dress up in women's clothing and when he went to the race track at Santa Anita in California, his bets always won him lots of money from the mob guys who were running the betting. Or so I've heard...

Every doctor, nurse, pharmacist, hospital and clinic, every "health officer" around the world who pushed the jabs and masks and the mandates and took loads of $$ should be taken out. Period. And the people in their governments. Clean slate.

Isn't it a shame that anyone running for office still can't say what they they really want to say?

What does that tell you?

The swamp is indeed deep and it stinks.

At least RFK Jr can express why he is running. His Uncle Teddy back in 1980 was interviewed by Roger Mudd and Mudd asked him why he was running for President, and he went blank. Dead air. Dead campaign right then adn there too. Wow that was really something. Maybe Teddy thought it was so obvious he didn't need to think it through. Of course later he voted for both of the Patriot Acts.

And so it goes...

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They have given Andrew Bridgen got the boot for speaking out against the vaxx in the UK. If you aren't familiar there are some great Youtube videos of him. He is a fighter. They are going after everyone. RFKJr won't be safe either. It is sickening and mind boggling what is going on.


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