I will *never* forget.

I wrote these pieces for them:

• "Letter to the Amnesty-Demanders": https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-amnesty-demanders

• "Eulogy for the COVID Kapos" : https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/eulogy-for-the-covid-kapos

And this compiles exhaustive evidence to prove that Dehumanization, Stage 4 of the 10 Stages of Genocide, occurred under COVID tyranny:


Mistakes Were NOT Made

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Like I wrote while alluding to your poem on Igor Chudov's substack: In British Columbia we were at Stage 5 of the Genocide Progression. And Adrian Dix and "Butcher Bonnie" Henry are still in power, still pushing mask wearing and The Lethal Injections. 🙄

Mistakes indeed, were not made.

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I live near Sooke on Vancouver Island, and the BC push to reinstate the mandates have failed thank God...they had a big push in the end of Aug and in Sept...just about no one wears masks anymore in public, all the restrictions like standing apart, cleaning everything a million times and the plastic dividers at the till are all long gone...the push to get jabbed isn't working anymore as everyone has gotten some kind of flu or "covid" jabbed or not...so why get injected again? of course there are still plenty who are brainwashed, but around here, not so much. I hope Henry and Dix and Horgan go to Hell.

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Personally I hope they get what was dished out to Mussolini and his girlfriend by The Partisans.

But while they're still alive.

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hang from a meat hook?

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Bingo. Move to the head of the class! 😘

Upside down... just like Benito and Claretta!

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Imagine championing the original antifa. Which is no different than today's antifa.

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In peices too I hope. We mistakenly outlawed drawing and quartering over a century ago.

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Too quick and merciful.

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There is a delicate measure that can be applied by a good horseman though. They would have to practice to have precision, but hopefully God will provide providence.

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May I inject here:

God is such a loving and merciful God that he would prefer NO ONE be excluded from His intended Redemption Campaign. It's surely a peculiar thing for us "victims" but for the Govt of heaven, it is a normal thing. Vengeance, anger, and a long list of other offensive traits will not be witnessed in the new world or in heaven at all anymore. Sadness, will for a time be manifested for all the billions of souls who opted for lies rather than the Truth as it is in God's Word. But then once it has been satisfactorily established that "Justice" has been meted out; that the wicked PAID for their individual sins in full and in balanced perfection, love and trust will once again flood the heavenly realm.

This should never be lost sight of, even in the current maelstrom of fear and treachery.

God bless us!


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Thank you for alerting me to that, Capt. Roy Harkness, and most definitely Stage 5 and beyond! I actually made the case two years ago that we've fulfilled all 10 stages in "Letter to a Holocaust Denier" (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-holocaust-denier), but I focused on dehumanization in my letter exchange with David Josef Volodzko because he contended the Stage 4 criteria hadn't been met. That surprised me because there is such an abundance of evidence, that seems one of the easiest stages to prove.

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Dear Margaret Anna Alice:

As the doors of the starship Heart of Gold liked to say: "Glad to be of service!" 😘... And I hope what follows isn't overkill.. I'd love to be a paid subscriber to your substack but... I'm supporting a wife and a vaccine-injured stepdaughter on a Security Guard's wages -- it's what can happen when you do clever things like music performance degrees -- and rent takes up 64% of my after-theft income so I have to be careful... 😢

Your "Letter to a Holocaust Denier" put it in mind, as did a couple of videos brought to my attention...

💣 "The Final Red Pill" - https://www.bitchute.com/video/q0OfmbaztlER/

💣 "The Matrix is Collapsing" - https://rumble.com/v40q89m-the-matrix-is-collapsing.html

Max Igan remarked in the latter that "The way of Palestine will be the way of the world" and that the desperate situation in Occupied Palestine is another aspect of the agenda being forced on Humanity with The Covid Scamdemic. I'm trying to work up a new blog post bringing those things into focus that will be... tolerable, I guess... to the average reader; subsequent to an appalling article I read by James Howard Kunstler ("What Just Happened") and an incendiary exchange with him. https://jameshowardkunstler.substack.com/p/what-just-happened. I'm thinking of calling it "A Fell Epiphany".

Finally I'll leave you with these articles I posted, I'll leave it up to you whether to look at them or not, but with limpid sincerity I'd like to think they may be of relevance and use to you.

💣 "Mending the Deck Chairs on the Titanic – Prelude" https://captroyharkness.substack.com/p/mending-the-deckchairs-on-the-titanic 5 MAY 2023 - A synopsis of my experiences during the Scamdemic.

💣 “Repent.” https://captroyharkness.substack.com/p/repent - May 12, 2023 - "Don Wilson, LLB" talks about the reality of the illegal mandates for Canadian refusenicks.

💣 "This Must End" - https://captroyharkness.substack.com/p/this-must-end - May 17, 2023 - The Canadian Federal Government's Future Plans

💣 "How It Will Go Down: Agenda 2030" https://captroyharkness.substack.com/p/how-it-will-go-down-agenda-2030 A Scenario by Stefan Verstappen prefaced by comments of my own - November 6, 2023


Capt. Roy Harkness

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Remember Bonnie's mantra....come on everyone..... repeat after me.....

"Why 'be kind, be calm and be safe' is more than just a catchphrase in B.C.'s COVID-19 fight"


...she also wrote a book back in 2021...just in time for Christmas, y'all....

"Dr. Bonnie Henry has been called "one of the most effective public health figures in the world" by The New York Times. She has been called "a calming voice in a sea of coronavirus madness," and "our hero" in national newspapers."

...just in case her winery, which was allowed to stay opened, didn't make enough for her to feed her family ..... 😉

“Tasting is really just part of the retail experience. The analogy I use is you wouldn’t buy a pair of pants without trying them on.” 👅



...so you know....$cience......

There is also a judicial review going on right now against her..... https://librti.com/view-video/juducial-revew-doctors-nurses-suit

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Awhile back some presstitute wrote a puff piece about that deceitful evil bitch entitled "The Tragedy of Bonnie Henry". Far as I'm concerned the tragedy of Bonnie Henry is she still hasn't wound up like The Black Dahlia... 🤔

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"The Bitch of Buchenwald" had nothing on her. She's way beyond famous female serial killers (Livia Drusilla Caesar, Lucrezia Borgia, Elizabeth Bathory, Aileen Wuornos).... and yet her reputation remains... white and pure as the virgin snow... 🤔💩

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can't be a coincidence that there have been so many women serial killers whose preferred method of executions was poison.

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Here, agreed!

As with any active, well-conducted war theatre, the "generals" (Brass) are they who design the diversions, and all tactics, which, of course, they themselves are at a distance from. Yes, there needs to be organization and strict obedience to their plans, and so the military machine operates within that structure. That's not the point here. A parallel can be drawn with what we recognize as "war" (militarily speaking) and that which is exemplified in the video above (No One's Safe, Until Everyone is Safe." Tactics of propaganda, and diversion were applied, although wishfully unknown to the public by the designers. A multi-fronted attack was employed, which affords the campaign a better chance of success. Fear, global compliance to personal, familial, and national "duty," reigned in, taking affect to ensure that the majority get the jab. If one portion of the "wide-angle" approach wanes, another might well become better entrenched and more successful. A "multi-front" attack along with a diversionary tactic, is the "go-to" scenario by which wars are (or at least WERE) generally fought.

During the Second World War, the "Doolittle Campaign" wherein a handful of B-24's were used to utterly surprise and dilute Japan's national spirit and pride, by dropping some bombs in the nation's capital; Tokyo! They did very little damage but THRASHED the pride and arrogance of that aggressive nation. It was intended to do just that. The War was embellished with Allied hope rather than despair from that day forward.

The Covid "war" utilizes some of the same recognizable tactics. And the fear is, or should be, that persecution measures will strengthen, rather than lessen when the next plannedemic is on the Big Table of the "war-room" of the "Generals." Tactics which have proven themselves in the "theatre" of war, will again be applied along with newer, better designed ones.

That whole comparison paints a vivid picture of the past, present and future events slated for this world as we know it. We are not only facing a temporal, world-wide war (supposedly against disease), but a personal (battle) as well. Must this be how we will exist; up to the bitter end; both as a people and as an individual?

If one has the mind of a mechanic, he would be expected to diagnose and draw logical assumptions from the evidence during discovery. But war-games involve strategists, and the lives of the poor grunts become just numbers, as they plan deceptive moves to gain an advantage. Nothing is absolutely certain. Only calculated guesses can be applied to the decisions regarding battle. This is why there has been a "shot-gun" approach, a "carpet-bombing" style campaign toward global vaccination. What the "Generals" learn from this, they will re-arrange, hone and apply to their next attempt. They learn. None of them are "incompetent" or stupid. Bank on it.

The very same, but multiplied a thousand times applies to the "enemy of souls." Satan, who was formerly "Lucifer-the light bearer," and the guardian of the sacred chest, containing the Commandments of God, was the brightest "luminary" but by pride became the most sly, crafty, and vengeful angel in Heaven's realm. He was kicked out for it. Not destroyed, but was allowed to exercise his paradigm's false claims of God's subject's "freedom" having been infringed upon. (It's quite the story to learn of in detail.)

Why bring that up? Because it has become Satan's battle-plan to divert, dilute, discredit, disagree, disarray, deface, denounce (among a host of other tactics) to further his campaign against the One whom his jealousy and hatred are squarely aimed upon. Since Jesus Christ is not within his actual ability to harm, he then proceeds to engage the Lord's beloved Creation (mankind). Every stop is pulled out. It's his hope that if he can cause God's faithful to fail their duty as such, that he might extend his hope of survival for a while, pressing home the "injustice" of God's Government.

It's surely important to understand "motives" as war-games are played out, since they direct the course. So it is with spiritual warfare. We have to understand whom it is we "stand" under, and why. To gain a better perspective of things, the book Great Controversy by EGW is supremely suggested.

Time is growing shorter daily. When we learn, and become active in sharing the Truths we discover, and apply them to our lives, we will become invincible through Christ, and the H.S. .................IF............... we remain true to the Word, and faithful in duty to teach others of the "Good News" (the Gospel of Jesus) as we "watch and wait" for the coming events which are certain to come.

May these reiterations find "good soil" and set forth many roots; hardy and strong, taking up the "water of life" as His branches grow into the fullness of the stature of Christ.


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Margaret Anna Alice! I am proud to be on your side. You are such a powerful warrior!

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I will never forgive.

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Planned and implemented these people were successful. Thank you MMA!

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I will wait a couple of years and most of the vaccinated will die or be disabled. I would like to know how many politicians and news reporters took it! I bet Biden didn’t take it. They all KNEW it was a kill shot.

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Don't be so sure about who "they all" are. The list is shorter than you think. Certainly a lot of people in the House and Senate (in both parties) got the jab, and are sick because of it; and many other "politicians AND news reporters" have "died suddenly," and/or come down with "rare," aggressive cancers.

In short, don't guess as if you know what's going on, because we really don't..

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Had me scared there, the first time I read your comment; but yep, we have no idea. how many have fallen or been hit SO FAR ... and I think a lot more will go in the next year or so.

Watching thefootball (your soccer) today and another collapsed with a heart attack .. dreadful to watch. ... and these are some of the fittest individuals oon Earth; with the best medical people and surveillance.

PS Did you know they all have to wear things that look like "man-bras" now; that monitor their heart functions plus plus ?... look into it, because that is a story in itself..


PPS Confirmed as heart attack .. but they are spinning it that he had heart problems before - SO THEY LET HIM PLAY ?

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I've seen kids at a soccer game in America wearing those bra monitors.

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Removed (Banned)Dec 17, 2023
Comment removed
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Exactly my thoughts as well and add to that it came from the "BBC"... literally within a few minutes of the incident - then spread to the rest of the MSM ...

PS I was watching the game live and it was sickening to watch PLUS ...a supporter also had the same in the stands at the same game.

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I know that lizard Gates didn’t get jabbed. His kids were never vaxed growing up. I rest my case.

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Gates is one thing. Of COURSE he didn't get it. He didn't even have his own kids jabbed with conventional vaccines. (Their prdiatrician said so.) And Dr Fauci didn't, either. (He made that clear himself, when he rubbed the wrong shoulder in discussing it on TV that night.)

But those two are high priests of Covidianism. Few politicians or news reporters (if any) are in that company.

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What's your guess with Biden?

Or, now that I think about it, Trump?

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Clear glass vials produced by some distant supplier. Batch numbers. Why on earth would we imagine that every vial is the same?

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I hear you, MCM, but there were 11,000 exemptions in New Zealand. And they were fully with the program.

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If that is true, how did work not get out because that means 11,000 higher ups type people, apparently KNEW it was risky. Or they knew they were bad! How did that get so well covered up until just lately???

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If you read "Towers of Deception" you'll learn a truly insane number of people were involved in, knew all about "The Manhatten Project"... something like 53,000... not a word got out, neither the Germans nor the Japanese knew an atomic bomb was being developed....

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Speaking of people in the house and senate who took the jab--

ComediaNoob ( at ) ComediaNoob1

posted August 30, 2023


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) serves as Republican Leader in the US Senate.



TEXT ON SCREEN: 2021-09-27

Mitch McConnell proclaims his positive vaccination status and encourages others to take it.

MITCH MCCONNELL [at podium in US Senate]: I'm glad to share that a few minutes ago I received a booster vaccination for Covid-19.


It was an easy decision to receive a booster. Mountains of evidence tell us these shots are safe, effective, and dramatically strike the odds of severe disease or death from covid. Like I've been saying for months, these safe and effective vaccines are the way to defend ourselves and our families from this terrible virus. They're also how we stay on offense against covid as a country. All Americans should speak with their doctors and get vaccinated.


[The following clip was filmed at an event. Senator McConnell is at a podium with a crowd surrounding him]

TEXT ON SCREEN: 2023-07-26

McConnell demonstrates symptoms of stroke damage with his first public freeze-up.

MITCH MCCONNELL: [inaudible] cooperation in the spring of— [he stands at the podium in silence for over 20 seconds. A man in a suit puts his arm on McConnells arm and says something inaudible. Then McConnell walks away from the podium.]


[at podium at another event]

Text on screen: 2023-08-30

McConnell continues to demonstrate symptoms of stroke damage with a second public freeze up.

MITCH McCONNELL: What are my thoughts about what?

REPORTER [off camera]: Running for reelection in 2026.

MITCH MCCONNELL: Oh, that's a— [he stands in silence for 7 seconds]

AIDE [coming up to Senator's right and touching his back]: Did you hear the question, Senator? Running for reelection in 2026?

MITCH MCCONNELL: Yes. [he continues to stand in silence for 7 seconds]

AIDE [to reporters]: Alright, I'm sorry y'all, we're going to need a minute. Senator—

SECURITY STAFF MEMBER [approaching Senator to his right]: [inaudible]

MITCH MCCONNELL [to security staff member]: OK. [to audience]: OK.

AIDE: Somebody else have a question? Please speak up.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Think for yourself. Your life depends on it.



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Totally agree with you on this.

PS I don't know if you saw the interview Norman Fenton did with historian Paula Jardine. It rang several gongs for me. https://wherearethenumbers.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-the-sinister-covid-project

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Those that planned it hide in the shadows. Others will take the fall as that is no doubt part of the plan.

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It's all very concerning. Based on what you've seen, Mark, do you think that people who got the shots 2 years ago - maybe 2 or 3, are at risk now? Studies show people ar at risk 6 months out but you never see 2 years out.

It's unclear if people who got vaxxed in 2021 and 2022 are in danger of illness or worse. I keep telling people to take supplements to help them detox and heal their cells. I tell everyone even those who haven't gotten the shot because they are being shedded on. Very few listen unfortunately. It's crazy to me. We take supplements and our dog is too because people are shedding on their dogs and other animals. I've known several dogs who have gotten sick and many who have died. My guess is that the "mysterious illness" amongst dogs is due to shedding. Just so frightening.

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In ireland a lot of people stopped after 2 or 3 shots...but they're still dropping like flies here so i think it's going to keep going for quite a while yet

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there were many doctors like Saraiki Bhakdi and Vernon who said from the very beginning of 'operation warp speed' that they expected to see the numbers of deaths and debilitated from the vaccines would rise exponentially in 2-3 years....

as if they would know anything right? both heavily censored and both 'deregistered'

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I know that Sucharit Bhakdi stated that. But I have neighbors who are vaxxed probably 4 times if not more and they're seemingly fine. I'm just trying to get an understanding of what's going on. Then, I have two neighbors who died early on. One within 3 weeks of getting the shot. He even knew better because he worked in pHarma and stated that this was a "trial". Yet, he got the shot and told my husband that he had pain in the arm where the shot was given and then died 3 weeks later. The other person had a heart attack while he was driving and a few days prior he had gone to the doctor and the doctor told him he was fine. His daughter (in her 30s) also ended up with heart issues and her doctor told her it was the vax so they knew the father died of it.

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Vaxxing all branches of the military, police, teachers, and medical personnel...what could possibly go wrong. Can you say Coup-vid?

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Depends on batch number

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In CT we have tons of driving medical emergencies. So many driving into buildings. Many establishments where there alot of people. It doesn't just effect the drivers !

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I saw a video where the Greyhound driver was pulling in and didn't stop at the plateglass window!

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You are correct, sir. We can't be sure about anything with this. I AM pretty sure that, even in accordance with Pfister's warnings, shedding from the vaccinated to the unvaccinate is a real possibility (I say probability). So, in my mind, many of the "vaccinated" HARMED those who knew better.

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It will become an increasingly moot point as our food supply is continually poisoned. Even organic meat and dairy gets vaxxed.

Still, why help it along out of hypnotized compliance?

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My mom & sis got triple vaccinated. I went to visit them. They informed me of the triple shots they both got. I got very sick the following day. Not happy. We cannot even tell them. I don’t want to be like ‘they’ were and shoot down the vaccinated. I think we just have to make them pay for future vaccines instead of providing them for free in Canada. They will stop if they must pay.

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My wife took the initial 2 doses early on. I told her— kind of jokingly—that I was not risking her shedding on me and slept on the very edge of my side of the bed, with pillows between us, for almost a year. I kept it lighthearted, but she still thinks I’m a nut… but she’s less convinced these days. I still take natto, bromelain and curcumin daily, and IVM and zinc and occasionally fenben twice a week….. just in case :)

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Agreed. I just had this discussion regarding clooney. The elites are a small group and see everyone as useful idiots. They can manipulate hollywood, media idiots, athletes, and medical personnel to do their dirty work as mouthpieces without having to let them in on the secret and I'm sure that they don't.

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Mark, There was an Alex Jones documentary on the history of Eugenics and the global elite including Builderberg that I watched on Thursday (bitchute). The attrocities committed by our government over the last decade and a half are very clearly exposed by his teams work. The video left me a bit shell shocked.

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I guess they couldn’t let the word out by warning or causing too much attention, even to many higher ups, for concern it would blow the cover too soon before as many billions as possibly got jabbed.

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you think gates and fauci took it?

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How come Biden keeps getting infected? No one, without highly compromised immune systems, should be getting laid out by the evolved SARS-CoV-2. He is old, but the number of infections after he (supposedly) got the jab, suggests he might have gotten it.

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There is no SARS-CoV-2 (WAKE UP); there are just a huge and unlimited supply of symptoms of this joke Covid (false narrative !).

No offense but are there still people like you after 3-4 years of this BS ?.

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Geez Bob. Lots of people got very sick. I had some very weird illness in Oct 2020. This thing was engineered to specifically infect people with all sorts of unnatural things. I didn’t get very sick but I had the weirdest symptoms ever!

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Geez Katherine - did you get the jab; because if so, there is your problem.

Geez Katherine - we can all get sick, but you need to understand why we get sick. If you are living in the Northern hemisphere Oct-Feb are our prime times... WHY ? ... because of environment.

No Sun, no vit D

Staying inside....

Limited excersise.

Geez Katherine

Not being rude, but do your own research - maybe start with watching some videos or reading some papers on "Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory" ...

Take Vit C, D, Iron and and- LOOK IT UP so you do not just take the word of a nutter on the internet...

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Geez Bob. Lighten up. No jab. Very healthy, thank you. But glad you know everything and can happily diss others. Have fun!

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LOL, but also apologies. Saw some player have heart attack in football match and you caught me as I was reading a fan at the stadium did as well.

I mean no diss; whatever that means (but I can guess) and I probably know sweet FA; but have a strong opinion and rant.

Please forgiveme.

PS I hate the Yank term of "Geez" by the way... that is what set me off.

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PS Show me proof of 1 virus ever isolated and I will rebuff it once read.

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no proof of none ever being isolated but plenty of 'viruses' have US Patents office registrations attached to them....

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Yes lol; strange that isn't it ?..."OH LOOK, Billy and Gavi said to the WHO, FEMA, MHRA (UK) and globalist parasitical puppet politicians, we have patented a new virus that WE HAVE FOUND (on our Microsoft comuter) which is from gay termites breeding with transgender lions that will spread through-out the World and kill billions... and only we can produce a jab and sell it" ... please implement new rules by 2024 (May) that give us the power "to protect humanity" ... but we must be able to ignore National governments...

PS Yep it is coming.

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first law of patents: anything that is of nature, by nature and is of natural occurrence CAN-NOT be patented.....just like a transgender lion is NOT from NATURE or a NATURAL occurrence;

i say this as not many know the laws about patents and might (falsely) think that 'discovering a new virus' can be patented....

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If you want samples to study I'd suggest try french kissing someone with oral herpes.

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Yeah, but that is not a virus is it ?; it is an infection.

Believe what you want, it does not bother me; but the devil is in the detail and that is where we must be astute and accurate with our definitions.

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I got one in an old relish jar from the original outbreak.

Its all blue and spikey and scary.....no wait.

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What they do have is 37 proteins associated with SARS-CoV-2. One of those is the spike protein. When proper autopsies are done, they stain for both the spike and other viral proteins. In the case of the jabbed they find only the spike, all over the body. In the case of serious illness they also find other proteins.


Further, they measure insane amounts of spike (and antibodies) in the newly jabbed:


And, from an evolutionary perspective, why would viruses not exist? They are the perfect mechanism for spread with perfect conservation of energy. After all, they do not have a cellular structure, like bacteria, just floating RNA really.

And we are the perfect hosts.

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Dec 17, 2023·edited Dec 17, 2023


Brace yourself because some new creepy inventions exist and it is a hollow comfort to just say otherwise.


I can accept that we simply don't know the difference between poisoning, mass hypnosis, media fear indoctrination, data manipulation, iatrogenic (medically caused) deaths, and mutant franken-proteins with no off switch.

Add to that, poisoning of our food, water, air, electromagnetic frequencies, and medicines, with insult to injury as you paid for it. You unknowingly funded (as a slave) elements of our own rogue governments in collusion with our "enemies." We have a horrific paper-trail of funding and patents for military operations that aim for total control, (societally, electronically and internally in the physical body.)

Agreed, whatever's going on, we can be 90% sure it isn't related to what we're being told.

That said, it's not enough to say something doesn't exist.

I've paid pretty close attention to my body, without submitting to brainwashed medical shills and "friends" who believed it was OK to attack anyone who thinks and says, "What just a minute here. No thank you.." I experienced an unusual illness like I've not experienced before, after contact with a vaccinated person.

Kudos for not catching the media-indoctrination fear disease, but your equal and opposite reaction isn't wise or above it. Whatever beliefs or vocabulary you retreat into is your choice, but It doesn't mean something doesn't exist. It may be many things. It is certainly not what we were told, but some new man-made terrors now exist.

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I agree.

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I agree as well; I was wrong and apologise.

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I’ve thought about this many times too. I think it depends where you’re at in the elite pecking order. I also have a feeling there’s a good amount of professional athletes who didn’t take it. I know of a few who were outed by disgruntled ex’s.

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That video clip, I swear, triggers some sort of PTSD in me.

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Me too...

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Part of the reason why is that I don't have a TV so I wasn't bombarded every day with that propaganda.

But seeing all the clips together is just chilling to see how people were indoctrinated.

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The only regretful aspect of this entire situation, after sitting through that horrendous video and reliving how I was vilified, is that more of them aren't deceased from their Covid vaccinations--that they don't rest among the "excess mortality rates" for their age group. To paraphrase Greta, how dare they deny me my sovereign right to determine what's injected or enters my body. They injured me by shunning, threatening, and segregating me, which, to this day, I have never and will never forget.

About their hospitals? I will never enter another hospital nor seek advice from a physician except individuals I know are aware and researching the side effects. I will literally die in my home before entering their despotic, Fauci-CDC-run health system. They can go to hell. Lest people think my statement mere brag: summer 2022, with never having had Covid nor the injection, I had a strange illness...a woman who had similar symptoms went to the hospital and was diagnosed with bilabial pneumonia (maybe this is the "white lung" we're seeing now = caught from vaxxed). I stayed home. I knew their "treatment" would consist of diagnosing me with Covid and putting me on Remdesivir + intubation = death sentence for older individuals. I literally thought at one point that I wasn't going to live (I've never felt that way before or since)...and I was ok with that fact. I was never tempted to call anyone nor 911 for help. So I walk the talk. They can take their hospitals and ram 'em where the sun don't shine.

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Good for you!!! Bravo!!! So glad you're doing well.

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Dec 17, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Such a vivid reminder of the evil they perpetrated on the world. I could not watch all of this sickening display of arrogant ignorance.

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We are going to need a lot of rope for the ones who don't die "from" the injection. ALL of these morons are criminals who need to hung in town squares everywhere.

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The silver lining to the covid vaccine holocaust is the enhanced awareness of the dangers of "vaccines" and the great harm to infants, children, the result of autism, even harm to our pets.

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Reiterating for the sake of newbies and to reinforce this post!

THEY can't get rid of the 'useless eaters' fast enough! Mistakes were not made, it was always malice aforethought.

SADS/TURBO CANCER/BIZARRE TERMINAL ILLNESSES: More tragic victims of the ruling parasite genocidal enslavement agenda, sacrificed on the altar of psychopathic greed and hatred of humanity.

Apoplectic livid rage hardly describes the intensity of emotions I have had and am having over what these malignant globalists are perpetrating!

There is no noxious crime that the evildoers desiring to lord it over us won't commit to maintain their stranglehold on power. A groundswell critical mass resistance to their murderous enslavement plans is needed urgently!


Creative performing arts, fine arts and literary arts are the best part of being human and the thing the globalist predator technocrat megalomaniac total slavery control freaks most want to destroy.

Too many 'sheeple' are brainwashed to blindly obey authority figures on the media or in daily life in corrupt system ruled by control freak psychopaths who use propaganda lies to enslave their subjects and they are dumbed down to be obedient by 'education' institutions. Fortunately I was raised to question everything. This transcends party lines. We need a system that punishes psychopaths and rewards compassion and sharing, we need a system that actually follows The Constitution in reality.


There is a fate worse than death - I would rather die than be a robotized slave of technocratic overlords! This is my hill to die on!

I have a landline and a wired laptop and a wired monitor screen, all the tech anyone should ever want or need. I never had and refuse to ever have one of those infernal mobile devices that are designed to enslave you.

My loathing of AI and all things NANO and digital knows no bounds!

Kudos to MARK CRISPIN MILLER's heroic efforts and success in the struggle. We the People must always be aware of the existential threats lurking behind this fight!

How I stick my thumb in the eyes of the grotesque billionaire bastards pushing their enslavement agenda and how I embrace being fully human.

Fighting the globalist predator technocrat psychopath megalomaniac TOTAL SLAVERY AGENDA one performance at a time!

Amazing Amy: Eccentric Yoga Entertainer!

As an entertainer, I have been devastated and practically destroyed by the closure of all performance venues and then when they reopened, because MY BODY, MY CHOICE - being made a total untermenschen pariah outcast in NAZI NIGHTMARE LAWLESS 'SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS' JAB CROW APARTHEID/DISCRIMINATION/SEGREGATION HELL NYC WHERE THE MAD/DRUNK WITH POWER TYRANT POLS DOUBLE DOWN ON THEIR ILLEGAL MANDATES. I am trapped here with zero financial resources to leave or do anything else about this 'wish I were dead' endless misery life has become. The tragic irony is that my SPREAD THE YOGA LOVE performances are all about health, miraculously overcoming age (68) and injury to achieve feats of flexibility few can attain at any age. So BIG PHARMA who wants to addict every person on the planet to their toxic products hate people like me who prove that we do not need them if we eat healthy organic food and exercise daily!


I try and live and embody the creative performing artistic world and life I so fervently want existence to be about.

They can stick their f*cking damned NANO, Digital IDs, AI, jabs and chips up their asses where the sun don't shine!

All manner of lies and propaganda spew forth from the upper echelons in governments worldwide who are completely intertwined with the global criminal ruling class that wants to commit the worst atrocities imaginable and suffer no consequences. And their corruption slithers down the chain of command creating petty tyrants everywhere.

Supporting this excellent post with a statement and useful links. https://virustruth.net


It was NEVER about health! The Powers That Should Not Be were ALWAYS about they want you DEAD or a SLAVE! This is a painful truth to accept but we the people must wake up and fight back!

We must never lose sight of the larger picture of the vile malignance we are fighting against.

There is an insidious global ruling class plot to enslave all life on earth behind all the madness and suffering inflicted on We the People.

How to fight back against this TOTAL SLAVERY!


Other than getting rid of nuclear weapons which I support 100% the rest of the anti-nuclear peace movement and CLIMATE CRISIS propaganda is parroting UN utter GARBAGE, a complete surrender to the ENSLAVEMENT AGENDA by the diabolical despots of Davos - ruling class criminals who lust for total power and control and all of whom should be tried and jailed for life and their malign organizations dismantled: the UN, the WEF, the IMF, the WHO, the BIS, NATO, Blackrock, Vanguard, The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, The Bilderbergers, the CFR et al.

There is an evil predator globalist technocratic elite agenda of eugenics/depopulation/genocide using bioweapon poison jabs, war, geoengineering, EMF radiation, starvation and economic collapse - THE GREAT RESET/AGENDA 2030/4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to get rid of billions of 'useless eaters' and to use nano tech to turn the survivors into ROBOTIZED COMPLIANT SLAVES! WAKE UP AND RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! These are psychopath megalomaniacs who want to play god by turning all life into digitized metaverse mechanistic synthetic biology to be manipulated by their AI algorithms. A more demonic sickening idea is nearly impossible to imagine!


MAKE THE WORLD AND AMERICA 2019 (comparatively speaking), AND FREE AGAIN!
















Pam Popper: https://makeamericansfreeagain.com

Del Bigtree: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/highwire


Naomi Wolf: https://dailyclout.io



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Oh Amy you are my pretzel girl and you got me going, luv u. “They can stick their f*cling dam nano,digital,I’d,chips up there asses were the sun never well shine” Quote Amy H. Hahahahehehe Beautiful and Eloquent

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Bill Gates is a terrible lier.

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He always has that psycopathic duper's delight on his face. Id love to see someone wipe that smile off.

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In March of 2020, I reluctantly consented to be interviewed by a reporter for Bloomberg news who essentially lied to me. She was writing a disdainful piece on those who thought there were treatments beyond a vaccine (which was not available at that time). I spent 2 hours on the phone with her and explained how I had SARS 1 and how I treated myself almost two decades before with Olive leaf extract, Green tea extract, oregano and mass amounts of garlic, zinc, vit D and NAC. Although it didn't make it into her article I repeated what we were taught to do during an epidemic - isolate and protect the vulnerable but you don't quarantine healthy individuals. I told her I had already treated several cases with Azithromycin, Plumo-Cort, albuterol, Vit D, Zinc, NAC and enzymes.

She did quote me correctly..."Do not fear the virus,'" I said, "Fear the CDC for they have been compromised."

But the point of the piece was to make me and others who were not praying on the alter of Jabism to be seen as fools.

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This video has raised my blood pressure...the evil as they give away the laughing "tell" in the middle of their sentences.. Congratulations to every single one of you here. We all resisted one of the greatest psyops ever inflicted on mankind

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Truth and reconciliation won't be enough. We need justice. The perpetrators must be exposed and called to account.

Otherwise it will happen again.

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God is just, most well get there punishment into in our time but in the here after Chris laid it out above

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Adams, Jerome - Surgeon General

Adams, Steve - Director, HHS-CDC Strategic National Stockpile/DoD Chemical and Biological Weapons stockpile

Ashcroft, John - Attorney General, Department of Justice

Austin, Lloyd - Secretary, Department of Defense

Azar, Alex - Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

Bancel, Stephane - CEO, Moderna

Baric, Ralph - bioweapons researcher, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Barr, William - Attorney General, Department of Justice

Barsa, John - Administrator, US Agency for International Development

Becerra, Xavier - Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

Beers, Rand - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Bezos, Jeff - CEO, Amazon

Biden, Joseph - President

Birx, Deborah - Coordinator, White House Coronavirus Response

Blinken, Antony - Secretary, Department of State

Bourla, Albert - CEO, Pfizer

Bratcher-Bowman, Nikki - Assistant Secretary for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Health and Human Services

Bright, Rick - Director, HHS-Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

Brooks-LaSure, Chiquita - Director, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Bumpus, Namandjé - Chief Scientist, Health and Human Services Department, Food and Drug Administration

Burns, William - Director, Central Intelligence Agency Director

Burwell, Sylvia Mathews - Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

Bush, George W - President

Califf, Robert - Commissioner, Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration

Callahan, Michael - DoD-DARPA, Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School, US-Agency for International Development

Charrow, Robert - General Counsel, Department of Health and Human Services

Cheney, Dick - Vice President

Chertoff, Michael - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Clinton, Hillary - Secretary of State

Clinton, William - President

Coats, Dan - Director, Department of National Intelligence

Cochran, Norris - Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

Cohen, David - Director, Central Intelligence Agency Director

Coleman, Victoria - Director, Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Collins, Felicia - Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services

Collins, Francis - Director, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health; co-chair, Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Comey, James - Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Cook, Tim - CEO, Apple

Courtney, Brooke - Attorney; Senior Regulatory Counsel, FDA Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats

Daszak, Peter - bioweapons researcher, EcoHealth Alliance

Disbrow, Gary - Director, HHS-Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

Dorsey, Jack - CEO, Twitter

Duke, Elaine - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Emanuel, Ezekiel - Chief, Department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services

Emanuel, Rahm - White House Chief of Staff

Esper, Mark - Secretary of Defense

Ezernack, Paige - HHS-ASPR, Chief, Defense Production Act - Emergency Response Authorities Office (DPA-ERA). Joined ASPR 2007, Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

Fauci, Anthony - Director, Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases

Fink, Larry - CEO, BlackRock

Garland, Merrick - Attorney General, Department of Justice

Gates, Bill - bioweapons funder, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, CEPI, ID2020

Gaynor, Pete - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Ghebreyesus, Tedros Adhanom - Director-General, World Health Organization

Giroir, Brett - HHS - Assistant Secretary for Health

Gorsky, Alex - CEO, Johnson & Johnson

Gostin, Lawrence O. - Attorney and law professor, Georgetown University O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Johns Hopkins University, World Health Organization Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law and related organizations. Instrumental in development of Model State Emergency Health Powers Act and related biomedical police state mass-torture and mass-murder programs.

Gottlieb, Scott - Commissioner, Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration

Grady, Christine - Chief, Department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services; Presidential Commission for Study of Bioethical Issues. Also wife of Anthony Fauci

Green, Mark - Administrator, US Agency for International Development

Grennell, Richard - Director, Department of National Intelligence

Gruber, Marion F. - Director, Health and Human Services Department, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Office of Vaccines Research and Review

Gutierres, Antonio - Secretary-General, United Nations

Hahn, Stephen - Commissioner, Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration

Haines, Avril - Director, Department of National Intelligence

Hamburg, Margaret - Commissioner, HHS Food and Drug Administration

Harris, Kamala - Vice-President

Haspel, Gina - Director, Central Intelligence Agency

Hayden, Michael - Director, Central Intelligence Agency

Hersman, Rebecca - Director, Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

Hinton, Denise - Chief Scientist, Health and Human Services Department, Food and Drug Administration

Hodge, James G., Jr. - Attorney and law professor at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security; ASU Center for Public Health Law and Policy; Public Health Law Association; American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics and related organizations. Instrumental in development of Model State Emergency Health Powers Act and related biomedical police state mass-torture and mass-murder programs.

Holder, Eric - Attorney General

Hopkins, Steve - CEO, ANSER - Analytic Services Inc.

Hotez, Peter - bioweapons researcher, Baylor College of Medicine, National School of Tropical Medicine

Johnsen, Dawn - Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice

Johnson, Jeh - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Jha, Ashish Kumar - Coordinator, White House Coronavirus Response

Kadlec, Robert - Assistant Secretary for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Health and Human Services

Kelly, John F. - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Kerry, John - Secretary of State

Kissinger, Henry - Secretary of State RIP

Klain, Ron - White House Chief of Staff

Leavitt, Michael - Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services (2005-2009)

Levine, Rachel - Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services

Loy, James - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Maguire, Joseph - Director, Department of National Intelligence

Majorkas, Alejandro - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Many, if not all - members of Congress, 1983-present

Marks, Peter - Director, Health and Human Services Department, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

McAleenan, Kevin- Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Meadows, Mark - White House Chief of Staff

Miller, Christopher - Secretary of Defense

Mnuchin, Steve - Secretary, Department of Treasury

Monto, Arnold - Chair, Health and Human Services Department, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Vaccine and Related Biologic Products Advisory Committee

Mueller, Robert - Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Mulvaney, Mick - White House Chief of Staff

Murthy, Vivek - Surgeon General

Napolitano, Janet - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Nielsen, Kirstjen- Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Norquist, David - Secretary of Defense

Obama, Barack - President

O'Connell, Dawn - Assistant Secretary for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Health and Human Services

Osterholm, Michael - University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

O’Shaughnessy, Jacqueline - Deputy Director, HHS-FDA Office of the Chief Scientist

Oxford, Vayl S. - Director, Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

Pelosi, Nancy - US Representative (D-CA); Speaker of House; House Minority Leader.

Pekoske, David- - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Pence, Mike - Vice-President

Perna, Gustave - DoD General; Chief Operating Officer (COO), Operation Warp Speed

Pichai, Sundar - CEO, Google

Pompeo, Mike - Secretary, Department of State

Powell, Jerome - Chair, Federal Reserve

Power, Samantha - Administrator, US Agency for International Development

Price, Tom - Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

Radcliffe, John - Director, Department of National Intelligence

Redd, Stephen - Director, HHS Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response

Redfield, Robert - Director, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Rice, Condoleeza - Secretary of State

Ridge, Tom - Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Robinson, Robin - Director, HHS-Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

Rush, Bobby - US Representative (D-IL); introduced HR6666 (Covid Testing Reaching & Contacting Everyone TRACE Act)

Sadove, Elizabeth

Schmidt, Eric

Schwab, Klaus

Sebelius, Kathleen

Sherman, Susan E.

Shiao, Laura

Smith, Gayle

Soriot, Pascal

Soros, George

Steele, Gloria

Sunstein, Cass

Tabak, Lawrence

Thiel, Peter

Tillerson, Rex

Tompkins, Stefanie

Van Metre, Chris

Verma, Seema

Walensky, Rochelle

Warren, Wade

Wegrzyn, Renee

Williams, Rhys M.

Wolf, Chad

Woodcock, Janet

Wray, Christopher

Yellen, Janet -

Zients, Jeffrey

Zuckerberg, Mark

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


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Nothing of consequence will happen to any of these people in this life. They will continue to act on their genocidal impulses because they come from the one they worship. I turn to God and pray that He takes care of us, and that if any of these people still have an ounce of their soul left, they publicly spend the rest of their lives doing penance for the terror and death they have caused.

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Dec 16, 2023·edited Dec 16, 2023


here is the german clown criminal, who said yesterday that the jabs were not made with DNA, and today stated he hopes there will soon be a vaccine that prevents covid.... or how a minister of health says things a 5 year old would know better. As to the politicians, Deborah, I think very few did. I remember the frenchman who got the shot because he thought if we force it on the people, we gotto have it too. After that he had 5 heart surgeries, and he said from his hospital bed that he was one of the only and Macron did not.

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Dr. Trozzi is a Canadian hero among many like him

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