The demand for white supremacy far exceeds its supply, so government is merely stepping in to correct this market failure. Former J6 committee member Adam Kinzinger had the worst take (IMO):


These people (all blue checks) are celebrating a seemingly MAGA assault on federal officers. Now i don’t know what this really is, but take a gander at the comments of the “patriots” who “love” America




If they AREN'T federal officers, what happened to "Punch a nazi"?

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Jun 26, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Yes. The Mafia, organized crime, arm-in-arm with the entire system of government at their disposal. Impossible to distinguish between criminal family and political, corporate family. All-one.

I submit to you and all for your consideration that the world is being run by criminals in a manner very similar to the National Crime Syndicate, the Commission, as exemplified in the Apalachin Meeting, and its various cinematic portrayals like in The Godfather, Goodfellas, Analyze This and others.

This, the Apalachin Meeting of crime families divvying up the loot from their criminal rackets is probably the closest approximation to what our local, state, federal and international governance is like:


Crime families. The US Senate, leadership, House, Leadership, President's, Justice's, business leaders, the system providing a useful facade of legitimacy to divvy up the loot and spoils of national and global criminal rackets.

Gangsters wearing nice suits, given titles like "The Honorable" that are completely undeserved. The people they rule over told to honor the titles if not the man.

This. This is how realpolitik is run. The Bush Family Crime Syndicate. The Clinton Family Crime Syndicate. The Biden Family Crime Syndicate. The Cheney Family Crime Syndicate. The Rockefeller Family Crime Syndicate. The Carnegie Family Crime Syndicate. The Windsor Family Crime Syndicate. The Thyssen Family Crime Syndicate.

A nation and world full of family crime syndicates that operate under a Commission-style set of rules. They bring in the most insane, the most criminal element of underlings as apparatchiks to run the bureaucracy, grateful and loyal for the opportunity, but not too bright so they won't become a threat or stray.

And for any who do, the dead fish in a box on a doorstep is usually enough to get their attention and cease and desist from thinking for themselves:



When enough of us realize this is who is running the world and how they are running the world it will all make sense. And our shared human experience will be markedly improved. We cannot defeat a foe we cannot see. So then we'll know who the true adversary is. And be able to defeat it:


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Reading Scott Horton's book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism. It is stomach turning. The same framework built to get us into the Iraq war is the same framework that was used for Covid and now 'white supremacy.' It is merely a formula for which a compliant media is an essential variable. Doesn't matter that it is now the left that is doing it. Like toxic cream, the sociopaths rise to the top. This is how you had wealthy power grabbers under both Stalin and Franco. This is why a strong constitution is essential. Will it be abused? Of course, because of the human tendency to exploit others. All we can do is minimize the ability to exploit as best we can.

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watching the video i noticed the guys in black w/gaiters were real tough-acting until someone grabbed their mask—then they ran away shamed! good work to whomever did that.

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I came to realize a good while ago that a good portion of what we call history is a giant steaming pile of shit. Yes. Things did happen and do happen, but the real motives are frequently not what we are told were. The trick is to take something that is true on some level and then run with the "official" version and explanation of it as being "THE" truth.... and conveniently, it supports the desired agenda.

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Classic CoIntelPro in the modern age. How many times have the feds been caught doing this?

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Jun 27, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Wait, you're telling me that a college student in Southern California who plans to work for the government ISN'T a Nazi? I need to sit down and process this.

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Jun 27, 2023·edited Jun 27, 2023Liked by Mark Crispin Miller

Fantastic work, as always, from Mark Crispin Miller and the Grayzone - with some help from MAGA-country tweeters.

Down in the comments we see a contrary perspective, here: https://scottdegroat.substack.com/p/the-rise-above-movement-patriot-front-d10 but sadly, one which wrongly attributes to inadvertence, that which things like Project AERODYNAMIC, OPERATION OVERCAST, and OPERATION PAPERCLIP*, did quite intentionally. I'm going to post a note to that author, next, directing him to check out this MCM NFU post, to expand his horizons and perspectives.

*There's actually a whole bunch more Cryptonyms for this set of Nazi-nurturing projects - as seen here: https://www.foiaresearch.net/project/aerodynamic

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"White supremacy" is really a code word or dog whistle for Eastern European Christians to not have it sound "racist". Read chapter 23 of The Authoritarian Personality" written after WWII by the Frankfurt School disciples which has become the operating manual ever since where they propose to destroy the family and Christian morals which they claim lead to fascism with "propaganda" and "Eros" (pornography). Mission on its way to being accomplished with the ADL unless we resist now.

Thanks for all your great efforts towards the truth Mark.

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Pinterest just changed its rules and regulations and it stated that white supremacy will not be tolerated. So the push toward hating whites will be growing. If Pinterest an idiot picture cataloging platform has changed its rules to include that issue that means that the ordinary citizen is being put on notice.

I will be leaving Pinterest when this becomes a platform that incites racist thoughts and causes division between races.. horrible and evil.

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I suspect most liberals, most of the people i know buy all of this nonsense.

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Yup. I saw the feds in action when I was part of an anti-nuke group in the early '80s. One of our members was a "retired" CIA guy. When the group traveled to DC for a protest, one of my adult students, who was employed by the Dept of State, made a point of telling me that she had been there as well, and saw us.

It's never secret. The Feds know that their influencers have done a good job of setting up the magic, so the suckers will always "see and not see" at the same time.

Later, after we've left the faith, we think back and say JESUS! THAT WAS OBVIOUS! WHAT WAS I THINKING? But by then it doesn't matter.

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It is like the whole world's establishment (especially the west) is having a massive detoxification of its collective psyche. Vomiting, vomiting, vomiting. Maybe at some time it will be finished. Otherwise give all these people a big bucket and tell them to hire a janitor and leave the rest of us alone. WE ARE NOT THEIR REFUSE PILE.

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I also really liked Secrets: The CIA's War at Home by Angus Mackenzie. He spent a decade (or more) compiling information from FOIA after FOIA to show the CIA's role in the underground presses and student movements during the Sixties.

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"As Vincenzo Vinciguerra... explained:

"The reason was simple, force the public to turn to the state and ask for greater security…People would willingly trade their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains or enter a bank... "

Boy, the public sure did "turn to the state" with the covid, and it's plain for all to see that the state did NOTHING right. Citizens are likelier now to look to liberty, which is always the best solution.

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“You were supposed to attack civilians, women, children, innocent people from outside the political arena. The reason was simple, force the public to turn to the state and ask for greater security…People would willingly trade their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains or enter a bank."

Reading a quote like this, from an actual terrorist, it's harder and harder to believe that 9/11 was planned by a bunch of camel jockeys in a cave in Afghanistan.

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